Underground Recreation
Underground Recreation

Yuriy @romanyukart (the head of our personal game project) decided to recreate the level ( https://www.artstation.com/artwork/xzaXeY ) in a more delicate manner, so Initially, I decided to remake underground level like a huge pit with fallen pillars which will make player some space to explore different enemies but at the end, I decided to make it more classical and flat view. Here the concept from a player point of view, I came to the idea of putting some coffins-capsules into big pillars which represent big multi-grave pillar. Cylinders contain bones of the dead person and designed to be inside of the pillar, which is collapsed no, and holes and tunnels inside became a shelter for worms-enemies those going to be designed later. These closeup concepts you can see here as well.
As always, all photos and textures from my personal collection.
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